Sampling Architects

sampling /?sam-pli?/ ?noun
1. the act, process or technique of selecting an
appropriate sample for testing, analyzing, etc.
2. the sample so selected.
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Exhibition Curative Space: Five Approaches to Hospital Design in Latvia in Latvian Museum of Architecture, created in collaboration with American architect Andy Rauchut is open form April 16-June 13, 2014.


Manten Devriendt is one of the guest speakers at 'Hetzelfde Anders', 25 years program Civil-Engineer Architect at UGent. Keynotes are Patrick Bouhain, Graham Shane, Stephane Beel, Willem-Jan Neutelings, Xaveer de Geyter and bOb van Reeth. And yes we are also going to Milan.


The architecture exhibition '9 Conditions of Riga' designed by SAMPLING was opened on October 23 in Frankfurt, Goethe-Universität, Campus Westend House of Finance, as part of the Europe Cultural Days 2013.


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